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WC Silence 24V

WC Silence 24V
WC Silence 24V


The Silence Plus 2G is the ‘big bowl’ model of the Flexi-Line, and forms the foundation for the Flexi Line. With the same features, the new design and the new 2nd Generation System Improvements, the Silence Plus 2G is supremely effective and comfortable. The length of 51 cm / 20.1 inches creates the at-home seating feeling.

This next generation of the Silence Plus 2G offers a matching bidet to have the perfect pairing in the bathroom, the Bidet Silence Plus 2G.

Italian ceramic

Big bowl

2nd Generation System

  • Model: TH-4024
  • Weight: 25.50kg
  • Dimensions: 460.00mm x 390.00mm x 510.00mm
Height mm510
Width mm390
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