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WC Silence Short 12V

WC Silence Short 12V
WC Silence Short 12V


The Silence Plus 2G Short is the short version of the Silence Plus 2G, the ‘big bowl’ model of the Flexi-Line.

The short model is designed to be installed on a raising step, usually 10 cm/ 3,9 inches high. For this purpose the height of the ceramic shell is reduced to 36 cm/ 14,2 inches to compensate and match the standard seating height of 46 cm/ 18,1 inches.

Two different options are now available for the Short profile toilet Silence Plus 2G: the smart Shallow Bowl for above floor Installation, and the Deep Bowl for through floor Installation.

Italian ceramic

Big bowl

2nd Generation System

  • Model: TH-5012
  • Weight: 23.50kg
  • Dimensions: 350.00mm x 390.00mm x 510.00mm
ModelSilence Short
Height mm510
Width mm390
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